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Project's documentation

The page for storing and giving as already ready and also the documentation which is being created at the presence. Documents about system is recommended to separate from documents to modules.


1 Releases of OpenSCADA system

1.1 Policy (started from 0.8)

OpenSCADA versions formed into two branches:

0.9+rNNNN, where "NNNN" — SVN (SubVersion) revision number.
0.8.U.S, where:
"U" — Regular update number, 2-4 month. After the regular update period from "Work" version to "LTS" will be merging all fixes and improvements, also broken some API compatibility, but not broken the function and data compatibility, and U++.
"S" — Service update number. For any hot fixes automatic or manual (for specific) will be building service update (S++) version which allowed only for subscribed to official support consumers.

2 System documents

3 User API libraries

4 Graphic Elements' libraries of the OpenSCADA system

5 Documents for modules of OpenSCADA

6 Projects of OpenSCADA system's nodes and components

7 Addon materials for project (RU)

The page have addon documents, and links to it. To list of documents included materials about conferences, diploma project's materials, based on OpenSCADA, and other accompanied documentations. Documents page.


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