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OpenSCADA 0.6.1



The release of open SCADA(Supervisory control and data acquisition) system of version 0.6.1 is the first stabilizing release of a branch 0.6.0. Within the limits of this version big work on stabilization and adaptation to practical tasks is done. As the result, a way to formation of base library of patterns of traditional SCADA system has been passed and the demonstration interface of the user is constructed. The demonstration interface contains the staff with full-value mnemonic panel, the stereotyped frames of groups of graphs, groups of contours and survey frames. As a result of the done work the task of construction of complex interfaces of the user of SCADA-system already became practicable.

The given document is processing (compilation) of the document <ChangeLog> of OpenSCADA system versions 0.6.1 which is called to cover briefly and obviously new opportunities of OpenSCADA system. In details to familiarize with changes in OpenSCADA system it is possible in the file ChangeLog from the distribution kit of system or here: (RU).

Key features of the given version are:

The new and updated modules:

1. Increasing of stability, durability and productivity of system.

During works under the given version, and also under its practical adaptation, it was revealed and corrected something about hundred errors. About half from them it was revealed owing to persevering studying and adaptation of Popkov Alexey. The overwhelming majority of errors was revealed in components of the environment of visualization and management. Many efforts have been directed on increasing of productivity of system as a whole and of visual control area (VCA) in particular.

2. General-system expansions and expansions of user API.

To the kernel of OpenSCADA system some changes of expanding character have been made. We will list them:

3. The mechanism of construction of graphs is reconsidered and improved.

With a purpose of increasing of readability, and also in a in view of detection of some problems in mechanisms of construction of graphs of different units of OpenSCADA system unification of the mechanism of construction of graphs for all mechanisms has been made, notably: in the plotter of graphs of values of the subsystem "Archives" (QTCfg), in the visualizer of trends of primitive "Diagram" of modules Vision and WebVision.

During these actions the plotter of graphs of values of a subsystem "Archives" has been complemented by following opportunities:

4. The visual control area (VCA) is improved and stabilized.

The most significant changes have been made within the limits of the visual control area (VCA), namely in modules of engine of VCA - VCAEngine, a visualizer on the basis of library QT - Vision and a visualizer on the basis of WEB-technologies - WebVision. Introduced changes were directed on the stabilization and improvement of user properties of VCA.

Let's examine more detailed the general changes for modules VCA:

Directly into the module of visualization on library QT (Vision) following significant changes have been made:

In VCA editor of the module of visualization on library QT (Vision) following significant changes have been made:

Directly into the module of visualization on Web-technology (WebVision) following significant changes have been made:

5. Expansion of the list of files of resources and building system.

For assurance of building of the project on distribution kit Mandriva 2008 it has been added in the script of a configuration of building system processing of a special location of library QT4 in this distribution kit.

In the project tree new files of the kit of the basic documentation have been added. Translations of the basic kit of the documentation into the Ukrainian and English languages are included in number of these files: FAQ.pdf, AboutOpenSCADA.pdf, release_0.6.0_uk.pdf, release_0.6.0.pdf and FAQ_uk.pdf.

For granting an opportunity of starting of system from the menu of a desktop in the project tree corresponding configuration files and icons have been added.

6. The part of modules of a subsystem "Data acquisition" is improved.

Part of modules of a subsystem "Data acquisition" have been significantly updated:

7. The part of modules of a subsystem DB is improved.

The basic changes are connected with improvement of the module of DBMS "FireBird" support. From the most significant changes it is necessary to note addition of management by transactions and as consequence the some increasing of productivity. For the purpose of increase of productivity of work with DBMS "FireBird" in the module of archiving on a DB (/Archive/DBArch) procedure of dump of the block of data in a DB has been reconsidered.

In the module of support of DB SQLite the opportunity of the indication of amount of queries, through which it is necessary to close transaction, is added.

8. Plans of the further development.

To release of the next version decisions of such tasks are planned:


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