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The module <DAQGate> of subsystem "Data Acquisition"

Module: DAQGate
Name: Gateway of the data sources
Type: DAQ
Version: 1.7
Author: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko (2009)
Description: Allows you to perform the locking of the data sources of the remote OpenSCADA stations in the local ones.
License: GPL



The main function of this module is the reflection of the data of the "Data acquisition" subsystem of the remote OpenSCADA stations on the local ones. In its work, the module uses the self protocol of the OpenSCADA system (SelfSystem) and service functions of the subsystem "Data acquisition".

The module realizes following functions:

Using of the available redundancy schemes is graphically represented in Figure 1.

Horizontal and vertical redundancy. (33 )
Fig.1. Horizontal and vertical redundancy.

1. Controller of data

For addition of the data source the controller's object is created and configured in the system OpenSCADA. Example of the configuration tab of the controller is depicted in Figure 2.

Configuration tab of the controller. (111 )
Fig.2. Configuration tab of the controller.

From this tab you can set:

2. Parameters

The module though provides the ability to create the parameters manually, but it does not make sense as a parameter in absence it on the server will be empty. All parameters are created automatically, taking into account the list of reflected controllers and parameters. The parameters can be stored into the cache for following its creation even on link to the server miss. Example of the reflected parameter is shown in Fig. 3.

Configuration tab of the reflected parameter. (73 )
Fig.3. Configuration tab of the reflected parameter.


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