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OpenSCADA 0.6.3



The release of open SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system of version 0.6.3 is scheduled release of a branch 0.6.0. Within the limits of this version big work on stabilization and adaptation to practical tasks is done.

The given document is processing (compilation) of the document <ChangeLog> of system OpenSCADA versions 0.6.3 which is intended in brief and evidently to cover new opportunities and changes of system OpenSCADA. To familiarize in details with all changes in system OpenSCADA it is possible in the file ChangeLog from a package of the distribution kit of system or here: (RU).

The key features of this version are:

During works with release there have been made following changes to modules of OpenSCADA:

1 Realization of scheduled tasks

According to the plan of release the following tasks have been done:

2 Increase of stability, durability and productivity of system.

During working with the given version, and also with its practical adaptation, it was revealed and corrected something about 120 errors. The majority of errors was revealed in components of the visual control area (90 errors).

Except of correction of set of errors work on optimization of various components of OpenSCADA has been done. The visual control area (VCA) and its visualizers has undergone to especially appreciable optimization. The basic vector in optimization was optimization on productivity.

Let's list the most essential errors, the correction of which was considerably reflected in the increasing of stability:

Increasing of the productivity:

3 Improvement and stabilization of VCA.

The most significant changes have been done within the limits of visual control area (VCA), namely in modules of VCA engine UI.VCAEngine, visualizers UI.Vision and UI.WebVision. The changes that have been made were directed on stabilization, optimization of productivity and improvement of user properties of VCA.

Improvements of VCA:

4 General system expansions.

To the given release has brought much enough general system changes directed on expansion of functionality.

Changes of building system and file of the specification for formation of a RPM-package:

Changes of a configuration of OpenSCADA and a demonstration DB:

Expansion API of the user programming:


5 Plans of the further development

To release of the next version the decisions of such tasks are planned:


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