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OpenSCADA 0.7.2



This release is a planned one of a working version of OpenSCADA, which are usually made at intervals of 3-4 months. The main purpose of this release is the stabilization and testing of key functions before releasing the next long term support (LTS) version of OpenSCADA 0.8.0. In addition to the main purposes within the limits of this release a great work for stabilization, cleaning the source code, full empowerment and testing on the embedded and mobile ARM devices is made.

This document is the processing (compilation) of <ChangeLog> document of the OpenSCADA system of 0.7.2 version, which is designed for briefly and clearly covering the new features and changes of the OpenSCADA system. To get acquainted with all the changes in the OpenSCADA system it is possible in the file ChangeLog from the distribution kit of the system, or here: .

The key features of this version are:

New and updated modules:

1 Implementation of planned tasks

In accordance with the plane of the release there were made the following tasks:

2 Optimization, stability, sustainability and system performance increasing

During the work on this version, as well as during its practical adaptation, it was discovered and corrected in a total of about 170 errors. Also the work on cleaning code from the compiler's warnings with the "-Wall" flag was continued.

Lets list the most significant errors correction of which significantly affected the increasing of stability:

Optimization and performance improvement:

3 Improvement and stabilization of the graphics subsystem

The notable work was made within the graphics system, namely in the VCA engine modules UI.VCAEngine, visualizers UI.Vision and UI.WebVision, as well as in the configurators. The changes were provided for stabilization, the optimization of memory consumption and improvement of user's properties.

Improvements of the graphics subsystem:

4 Extension of the user programming API

It was continued the development of object API of the user programming, which provides the integration of user's functions into the object's tree of OpenSCADA. In addition, a number of changes was made to the existing library of the user's API functions.

In particular the following changes were made:

5 System-wide expansions

To the system-wide API of the OpenSCADA system there have been made the significant changes and extensions with the purpose of the general stabilization and expansion:

6 Publication of OpenSCADA solutions

During the work on this version the solutions, based on the OpenSCADA, have been presented at various conferences and exhibitions:


This release of OpenSCADA actually finishes the work on adaptation to the ARM hardware architecture, which will be verified in the provision and publication of the official release 0.7.2 builds for mobile devices.

Although this release was delayed and a few late but it still was carefully prepared and will be a good basis for finishing the project's code base for the upcoming responsible release 0.8.0 LTS. In addition, this release can be used for widespread implementation in critical applications, followed by a smooth transition to 0.8.0 LTS after its release.

Subsequent development efforts will be directed to the completion of planned tasks and preparation for release the OpenSCADA long term support (LTS) version 0.8.0.


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