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OpenSCADA 0.7.0 LTS



The release of an open SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system of version 0.7.0 is the first stable, industrial release, which is associated with the completion of beta testing that began from version 0.6.4.

The main purpose of this release is providing the community of users and developers of free software with the platform for the solutions of complex automation systems and related solutions, as well as providing commercial services on the basis of the OpenSCADA project.

This release is the first stable release, for which technical support is available from the developers and for which it is planned to release fixes during a long time.

This document is the processing (compilation) of <ChangeLog> document of the OpenSCADA system version 0.7.0, which is designed to cover brief and clear the new features of the OpenSCADA system. To get acquainted with all the changes in the OpenSCADA system it is possible in the file ChangeLog from the distribution kit of the system, or here (RU):

The key features of this version are:

New and updated modules:

1 Implementation of planned tasks

In accordance with the plan of release the following tasks were implemented:

2 Optimization, increasing of stability, sustainability and system's performance.

During the work on this version, as well as its practical adaptation, it was found and corrected in a total of about 200 errors.

In addition to correcting of big number of errors it had been done the work on optimization of the various OpenSCADA's components. Especially, notable optimization was made in the Visual Control Area (VCA) and its visualizers.

Lets list the most significant errors, correction of which significantly affected the increasing of stability:

Optimization and performance improvement:

Optimization of the memory usage:

3 Improvement and stabilization of the VCA.

Notable changes were made in the visual control area (VCA), namely, in the VCA engine (UI.VCAEngine) modules: UI.Vision and UI.WebVision visualizers. These changes were aimed at stabilizing, optimization of memory consumption and improvement of user's properties of VCA.

Improvements of the VCA:

4 Formation and stabilization of API of user's programming.

Extensively it has been made the formation of new object API of the user's programming, which provides the integration of user's functions in the objects' tree of OpenSCADA. In addition, a number of changes to the existing library of functions of the user's API was made.

In particular the following changes were done:

5 System-wide expansions.

To the system-wide API of OpenSCADA system there have been made the significant changes and expansions in order to improve the functionality and overall stabilization:

6 Significant improvements and fixes of the individual modules.

While working on this industrial release the significant changes, improvements and stabilization were made with the individual modules of OpenSCADA:

7 Formation of the documentation, translation of documentation and interface.

Since this release is positioned as an industrial release with a prolonged period of support, it was finished writing the documentation in Russian and translation into English of all the main documentation. In addition, the translation of the user's interface into English, Russian, Ukrainian and German languages is completed:

8 Unification of the demonstration database.

During the preparation of the industrial release, considerable attention was paid to improving the demo database as a vivid demonstration of the OpenSCADA system:

9 Solutions, based on OpenSCADA

Actually the whole range of automation solutions is built on the basis of OpenSCADA project, which clearly demonstrates the capabilities and is the signal of readiness of the system for the wide industrial application.

In general, on the basis of OpenSCADA the authors of the project solved the following tasks: the full dynamic simulation (modeling) of technological processes (TP), process control at the level of the programmable logic controller (PLC) and formation of HMI of the TP.

Modelling of the TP is presented by the solutions: "Library of models of technological devices", "The dynamic model of real-time of the Anastasievskaja GLKS" and "The dynamic model of the steam boiler number 9 DMKD" . Besides the solution "The dynamic model of real-time of the Anastasievskaja GLKS" was the basis for the demonstration project database and it is distributed with all distributions of OpenSCADA.

The scope of process control at the level of the programmable logic controller (PLC) is presented by the solution "OpenSCADA into programmable logic controller (PLC)" and "Runtime of the PLC LP-8x81 of the ICP DAS company based on the OpenSCADA".

The scope of the formation of the TP HMI is presented by the solutions: "Library of the graphic elements of the user's interfaces" and " ACS TP of the ball mills " 287/410" of the boiler " 160100 " ".

One should also note the presence of a number of solutions that are not included in the list above, and made by the developers of the system for the third parties or directly by the users.


OpenSCADA system is ready for practical use in harsh industrial conditions and to perform a wide range of automatic process control tasks.

With the purpose to provide the quality service based on the OpenSCADA solutions, as well as for development in the direction of support the specialized equipment, protocols and interfaces, developers are actively working on the formation the policy of providing the services on the commercial basis. The list of commercial services will include: technical support, consultations and targeted development of extensions, integration and implementation of solutions, and development of customized solutions and products, based on OpenSCADA.

The 0.7.0 version provides the OpenSCADA solutions only for the Linux x86 and x86_64 platforms. To implement the support of other hardware and software platforms, planned by the project, the work will continue. So, for version 0.8.0 it is planned to expand the support of hardware platforms, at least of the ARM platform, as the representative of RISC architecture.

In the appearance of the first industrial version of OpenSCADA actively participated the following people:


Testing protocol of production release:

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