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OpenSCADA 0.6.2



The release of open SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) system of version 0.6.2 is following stabilizing release of a branch 0.6.0. Within the limits of this version the big work on stabilization and adaptation to practical tasks is done.

The given document is processing of the document <ChangeLog> of system OpenSCADA versions 0.6.2 which is called to cover briefly and obviously new opportunities of system OpenSCADA. In details to familiarize with changes in system OpenSCADA it is possible in a file ChangeLog from a package of the distribution kit of system or here: (RU).

Key features of the given version are:

The new and updated modules:

1. Increase of stability, durability and productivity of system.

During works under the given version, and also under its practical adaptation, it was revealed and corrected something about a hundred and fifty errors. Something about a quarter of hundred from them it was revealed owing to biassed testing by Popkov Alexey and about ten by Andrey Kalita. The overwhelming majority of errors was revealed in components of the visual control area.

Except of correction of the set of errors the work on optimization of various components of OpenSCADA has been done. The visual control area(VCA) and its visualizers has undergone to especially appreciable optimization. The basic vector in optimization was optimization of productivity which significance shew itself when loading on the system became to grow.

2. Improvement and stabilization of VCA.

During work with system OpenSCADA the set of improvements and optimizations in VCA and its visualizers has been done.

Let's examine the important improvements:

Important optimization improvements of visualizer of VCA - Vision:

Significant expansions of WebVision are done. Namely:

3. General-system expansions.

To the kernel of system OpenSCADA have been made some changes of expanding character. We shall list them:

4. Improvement of a part of modules of a subsystem "Data acquisition".

Modules of sources of data "DAQ.Siemens", "DAQ.JavaLikeCalc" and "DAQ.ModBus" have undergone to significant improvement.

In module "DAQ.Siemens" support of protocol ISO_TSAP by means of library Libnodave is added. It has allowed to get access to a wide spectrum of controllers of firm Siemens by means of a network ProfiNET.

Language of a high level of module "DAQ.JavaLikeCalc" has been expanded by operators of bit-by-bit shift, and in a consequence the mechanism of processing of numerical values has been rewrited. As a result base operations are translated for work only with real-valued numbers, that has eliminated uncertainty of the syntax, often leading loss of a sign on real-valued numbers.

The set of changes has been brought into module "DAQ.ModBus". The overwhelming majority of them is connected with works on testing by Popkov Alexey. As a whole changes of expansion of functional capabilities, stabilization and optimization of the module have been made. Let's examine them more detailed:

5. Plans of the further development

To release of the next version decisions of such tasks are planned:


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