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The module <FLibMath> of the subsystem "Specials"

Module: FLibMath
Name: Math function's lib
Type: Specials
Version: 0.6
Author: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko (2009-2010)
Description: Provides the library of standard mathematical functions.
License: GPL



Special FLibMath module provides the library of standard mathematical functions into the system.

To address the functions of the library you can use static call address "Special.FLibMath.{Func}()" or dynamic "SYS.Special.FLibMath["{Func}"].call()", "SYS.Special.FLibMath.{Func}()". Where {Func} function identifier in the library.

1. Functions

Table 1 provides a description of each function of the library. For each function the evaluation time of execution is measured. The measurement was made on a system with the following parameters: Athlon 64 3000 + (ALTLinux 3.0 (32bit)), by measuring the total time of execution of the function, while calling it 1000 times.

Table 1: The functions of the library of standard mathematical functions

IdNameDescriptionTime (micro-seconds)
absModuleMath. function the number module.81
acosAnti-cosineMath. function anti-cosine.149
asinAnti-sineMath. function anti-sine.140
atanAnti-tangentMath. function anti-tangent.109
ceilRounding up to a largerMath. function rounding up to a larger integer.96
cososineMath. function cosine.93
coshHyperbolic cosineMath. function hyperbolic cosine.121
expExponentMath. function exponent.145
floorRounding to the lowerMath. function rounding to the lower integer95
ifIf ConditionCondition function "If".92
lgCommon logarithmMath. function common logarithm.168
lnNatural logarithmMath. function natural logarithm.185
powPowerMath. function involution.157
randRandom numberMath. function random number generator.147
sinSineMath. function sine.127
sinhHyperbolic sineMath. function hyperbolic sine.199
sqrtThe square rootMath. function the square root.94
tanTangentMath. function tangent.153
tanhHyperbolic tangentMath. function hyperbolic tangent.177

2. User programming API

Some objects of the module provides functions for user's programming.

The object "Functions library" (SYS.Special.FLibMath)

The object "User function" (SYS.Special.FLibMath["funcID"])


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