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The module <WebUser> of the subsystem "User Interfaces"

Module: WebUser
Name: Web-interface from the user
Type: User Interfaces
Version: 0.8
Author: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko(2010)
Description: Allows you to create your own user web-interfaces in any language of OpenSCADA.
License: GPL



WebUser module provides the user with a mechanism to create Web-pages, and can process other Web-requests with the help of the internal language of OpenSCADA, usually JavaLikeCalc, without necessity of low-level programming of OpenSCADA.

Except of the module's belonging to the system OpenSCADA it also belongs and is the module of the HTTP transport protocol module. Actually, the WebUser call is made from Protocol.HTTP. The call is made through enhanced communication mechanism through the exported into the module functions: HTTP_GET(), HTTP_POST().

Addressing of the pages begins with the second element of the URI. It is connected with the fact that the first element of the URI is used to identify the module of user Web-interface. For example URL: http://localhost.localdomain:10002/WebUser/UserPage can be deciphered as a call of the user page "UserPage" of this module on the host "localhost.localdomain" on port 10002. In the case of absence of the second element of URI and instruction to display an index of user pages in the configuration the index of the page is generated (Figure 1).

Index of user pages. (12 )
Fig.1. Index of user pages.

The main tab of the module configuration (Fig. 2) contains the state of the module, provides the ability to select the default page and allows you to make the list of user pages.

Main tab of the module's configuration. (68 )
Fig.2. Main tab of the module's configuration.

1. WEB pages

The module provides the ability to create multiple implementations of Web-pages in the object "User page" (Fig. 3).

The main configuration page of the user page. (79 )
Fig.3. The main configuration tab of the user page.

The main tab contains the basic settings of the user protocol:

All requests to the user pages are sent to the procedure of the processing of the requests of the user page, which is represented on the "Program" tab of the user page object (Figure 4).

"Program" tab of the user page object. (137 )
Fig.4. "Program" tab of the user page object.

Tab procedure's tab for processing the requests to the user's page contains the field for selecting the internal programming language of OpenSCADA and the text entry field for the processing procedure typing.

For the processing procedure the following exchange variables are predetermined:

The overall scenario of the user's page request:


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