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Welcome to Wiki-resource of open SCADA-system OpenSCADA!

The resource aimed to systematization and accumulation of information about the project, and also for coordination of project's works. The information accessible on the resource can be easily changed and added according to Wiki ideology.

Main resource targets:

  • coordination of process of realization of the project;
  • creation and support of the actual documentation of the project;
  • conducting personal notepads and organizers of developers;
  • conducting personal and groups todo- and check-lists of developers.

The material on the WIKI-resource managed and distributed under conditions of GFDL license. Special conditions and using different licenses described specially with this appropriate material.

To have an opportunity to change contents of pages it is necessary to be registered, after that in the bottom of a page it will be a bookmark "Editing", having chosen which you can edit it.

 (2 Kb) At the moment, a free registration is closed due to the abuse and the placement of advertisement information, and the very rare using of registration for targeted editing of the material placed. If you are really serious to take part in the project and edit the material on this resource then please refer to the leader of the project RomanSavochenko.

For development of Wiki environment you may need some documentation which is accessible on

Useful pages: WantedPages, OrphanedPages, TextSearch, MyPages, MyChanges.

Concerning management and work with the resource address to me RomanSavochenko.