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Dispatching of the carriage-wash system

Name: Carriage-wash system
Start: August 2009
Finish: November 2009
Location: Kiev. Central railroad passenger station.
Customer: Soyuz-Orchideja
Performers: Roman Savochenko, Maxim Lysenko
Description: The dispatching of coach-wash system.
Materials: page (restricted access)
Главная мнемосхема (32 Kb)



'Carriage-wash system' object of the Kiev central railroad passenger station is used for carriages washing. In order to improve the quality of washing and ensuring the modern requirements of economy the system was renovated by the 'Soyuz-Orchideja' company. In turn, for the creation of dispatching control system of washing technological process the development team OpenSCADA made the work on TP controller's data acquisition and visualization.

1. Work

The management of washing system's equipment is made by Schneider Electric PLC. Control of the pumps' launching is made by the intelligent actuator TeSys U.

The dispatcher's station is implemented on an office PC with a 23" display.

Station acquires the data via ModBus protocol of the 'Twido Modular' controller in the following structure: 15 pumps, 6 temperature regulators, 13 temperature readings and 25 words of states. Based on the collected data the 47 objects of logical parameters and 6 signal objects are formed.

Visualization interface is represented by three signal objects with the composition:

2. Материалы

2.1. Контакты

Инженер-проектировщик: Антон Борисович (, ICQ:348834561, m+380965229775

2.2. Мнемосхемы графического интерфейса

Мнемосхема теплопункта (79 Кб)
Рис. 2.2.1. Мнемосхема теплопункта

Мнемосхема резервуаров (39 Кб)
Рис. 2.2.2. Мнемосхема резервуаров

Мнемосхема управления (52 Кб)
Рис. 2.2.3. Мнемосхема управления

2.3. БД проекта

БД проекта представлена в виде файлов БД SQLite:

Архив файлов БД проекта можно загрузить здесь: file:vmk.tlz

2.4. Оплата работы

Работа оплачена в полном объёме:


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