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For the separation of access to the interface of VC and its components every widget contains information about the owner, about its group and access rights. Access rights are recorded as is the convention in the OpenSCADA system, in the form of a triad: "{user}{groups}{rest}" where each element consists of three attributes of access. Groups list writes through symbol ','. For the elements of the VCA the following interpretation is taken:

In the development mode a simple scheme of access "root.UI:RWRWR_" is used, which means all users can open and view the libraries, their components and projects, and all users of group "UI" user interfaces) can edit.

In the running mode the right described in the components of interface work, which provide possibility for inheritance the owner and the permissions from top to bottom. Wherein by default the inheritance enabled for each widget, then they get the owner and the permissions of the project. Into that time, the permissions direct setting will propagate they to all components of the widget.

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