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Direct configuration and properties of the final visualization interface are contained in the project of the visualization interface of the VCA, which may be created lot ones.

Each project includes pages from the libraries of the frames/widgets. In some modes the page allowed to include into nested pages as independent from the parent and in using the parent as template. The template's page-widget allows to extremely simplify the process of creating the same type of the frames by the ACS-TP engineer or by the user of OpenSCADA for easy monitoring. An example of such one-type frames may be: groups of contours, groups of graphs, reports and various tables. Mnemonic schemes of technological processes rarely come under this scheme and will be formed directly in the description of the frame.

Page like to a widget on which it is based provides a possibility for bind the dynamics to described into properties, which links at all can be set to dynamic or resolved as constants. Besides, links to the dynamics on the project's page level is preferable to the widget of libraries level.

Example of hierarchical representations of components of the project of the classical interface of VC of the technological process with the description of standard call expressions is given in Figure.

Hierarchical view of components of the project of classical interface of VC of the technological process. (40 Κα)

Reserved next the special properties of pages:

Based on these properties combinations the following types of pages are realized:

On the side of the visualization (RunTime), on the following attributes of the basic element "Box", there is the logic regulating how to open the pages:

The logic of the method of the opening the pages works in the following way:

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