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3 Requirements

3.1 Architectural requirements

The developing concept and VCA modules should be implemented in accordance with requirements to the modules of OpenSCADA system. The developed conceptual mechanism should contain all the algorithms and data which are shared by VCA, built on different principles, but also contain the mechanism for the visualization interface sessions' execution. In fact, the realizations of VCA it must be formed the individual visualization(rendering) mechanisms and mechanisms of interaction with the user, based on this concept, ie to form the individual interface of visualization of data of the VCA concept in accordance with the ideology of "Model/data - Interface".

3.2 General requirements

Visualization should include the following functions:

Control of the technological equipment and the parameters of TP must provide the following functions:

The commands of the operator to control TP and navigation within the subsystem must be made using the keyboard and mouse or other input device.

As input data, the implementations of the VCA must use the data from the following subsystems of OpenSCADA:

The output data of the VCA realization:

Configuration of VCA must be store in the accessible to the OpenSCADA system databases, allowing thus to choose one or another database for the specific practical situation. Images and other resources are to be encoded by Mime Base64 algorithm and stored in the database.

Update cycle of the operational information on the screen depends on the specific VCA implementation. For fast visualization interfaces this cycle should not exceed 1 second.

3.3 Reliability requirements

Ensuring for reliable operation and protection from the unauthorized access to the VCA should be implemented at several levels:

Implementation of the VCA, in conjunction with the concept, must meet the following requirements for reliability:

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