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7. Subsystem "Communication interfaces' protocols" (TProtocolS)

Subsystem "Communication interfaces' protocols" is presented by the TProtocolS object, which contains modular objects of the separate protocols TProtocol on the a subsystem's level. Each protocol contains objects of the opened sessions of the incoming protocols TProtocolIn.

TProtocolS object provides an access to the both: the incoming and the outgoing protocols of the individual types of transport protocols. The inner side of outgoing protocol based on the steaming principle with the individual structure of the stream for each implementation of the protocol.

7.1. The object of the “Communication interfaces' protocols” subsystem (TProtocolS)


Public methods:

7.2. The modular object of the protocol (TProtocol)

Inherited:By the root object of the subsystem's "Protocols" modules.

Public methods:

7.3. The object of the incoming protocol's session (TProtocolIn)

Inherited:By the session objects of the incoming modules' protocol of the subsystem "Protocols".

Public methods: