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20. Debugging and Testing the OpenSCADA project

To monitor the quality of code and test the performance of various parts of the system the special modules are written that perform testing with the issue of testing protocol. These modules must be executed after the completion of any part of the project.

21. Rules for design and commenting of the sources of OpenSCADA and its modules

When writing and design of the sources of the OpenSCADA system and its modules you must to follow the rules:

indent -bli0 -i4 -ts8 -l100 -npsl -npcs -nprs -nsaf -nsai -nsaw -brs -br -cdw -nbc -lp <filename>.

Commenting rules of the OpenSCADA sources:

22. Ñonventional signs in the text and source code

???? — doubt in the usefulness of this section;
?!?! — the section is not fully implemented;
!!!! — the section requires a rethinking.

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