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PLC components Price (DDP), $ Notes
CPU: Kontron MOPSlcdLX 430 AMDGeodeLX800(i686)-500MHz, 0-60C, 5W, Video
CPU: Diamond ATHM800-256A 1229 VIA Mark(i686)-800MHz, 256Mb, -40-85C, 10W, Video, 16AI, 4AO, 24DIO
CPU: Diamond ATHM800-256N 842 VIA Mark(i686)-800MHz, 256Mb, -40-85C, 10W, Video
CPU: Rhodeus RDS800-LC 414 AMDGeodeLX800(i686)-500MHz, -20-70C, 5W, Video
CPU: Helios HLV800-256AV 772 Vortex86DX(i486)-800MHz, 256Mb, -40-85C, 5.4W, Video, 16AI, 4AO, 40DIO
CPU: Helios HLV800-256DV 387 Vortex86DX(i486)-800MHz, 256Mb, -40-85C, 4.5W, Video
CPU: Tri-M VSX104 380 Vortex86SX(i486sx)-300MHz, 128Mb, -40-85C, 2W
MEM: DDR-SODIM-256M 15 for Kontron MOPSlcdLX
Flash Disk: Kontron chipDISK/1000-IDE 100 1Gb, 0-70C, read=3MB/s, write=5.7MB/s
Flash Disk: M-Systems MD1171-D1024 42 1Gb, 0-70C
Flash Disk: M-Systems MD1171-D256 22 256Mb, 0-70C
Flash Disk: M-Systems MD1171-D128 18 128Mb, 0-70C
Flash Disk: Diamond systems FD-128R-XT 82 128Mb, -40-85C
Flash Disk: Diamond systems FD-1GR-XT 168 128Mb, -40-85C
Box: PB-300-K 108
Box: PB-EAP-300-K 250
Box: CT-4 156
Power unit: MMEANWELL DR-4505 30
IO: DMM-16-AT (16AI, 4AO, 16DIO) 581 -40-85C
IO: DMM-32X-AT (32AI, 4AO, 24DIO) 689 -40-85C
RS485: EMM-OPT4-XT 396 -40-85C
RS232->RS485 10
CPU: LP-8381 974 AMDGeodeLX800(i686)-500MHz, -25-75C, 14W, 4GB flash (R/W: 8/4 MB/s), 8GB CF (R/W: 29/19 MB/s), 1GB SRAM, Video, 2xEthernet, 2xUSB, 3-slots, 2xRS-232, 1xRS-485, 1xRS-232/485
CPU: LP-8781 1025 AMDGeodeLX800(i686)-500MHz, -25-75C, 16W, 4GB flash (R/W: 8/4 MB/s), 8GB CF (R/W: 29/19 MB/s), 1GB SRAM, Video, 2xEthernet, 2xUSB, 7-slots, 2xRS-232, 1xRS-485, 1xRS-232/485
CPU: LP-8781-Atom 1438 IntelAtomZ520-1.3GHz, -25-75C, 18W, 8GB flash, 1GB DDR2, Video, 2xEthernet, 4xUSB, 7-slots, 2xRS-232, 1xRS-485, 1xRS-232/485
IO_BOX: I-87K9 155 IO box for 9 modules series I-87k accessible by DCON
IO: I-8017HW (8AI DE, 16AI SI) 230 Parallel bus, acquisition up to the 30 kHz
IO: I-8042W (16DI + 16DO) 121 Parallel bus.
IO: I-87017ZW (20/10AI) 209 Serial bus. Overvoltage support up to 240V.
IO: I-87019RW (8AI) 213 Serial bus. Additional surge protection, support for thermocouples and resistance thermometers.
IO: I-87024W (4AO) 204 Serial bus. Output of current and voltage.
IO: I-87026PW (6AI, 2AO, 2DI, 2DO) 215 Serial bus. Combined module.
IO: I-87040W (32DI) 121 Serial bus. Isolated.
IO: I-87041W (32DO) 109 Serial bus. Isolated. Watchdog function for communication.
IO: I-87057W (16DO) 82 Serial bus. Watchdog function for communication.
Segnetics SMH 2Gi
CPU: SMH 2Gi-0020-31-2 335 ARM9-200MHz, LCD-display, 1xRS-485, 1xRS-232, 2xUSB, 1xEthernet, 3DO
IO: MC-0402-01-0 (8AI, 4AO, 9DI, 10DO) 176 Single MC RS-485 serial bus.
IO: MR-120-00 (12DI[opt]) 92 Multiple MR RS-485 serial bus.
IO: MR-800-00 (8DO[rel]) 103 Multiple MR RS-485 serial bus.
IO: MR-810-00 (8DI[opt,~]) 82 Multiple MR RS-485 serial bus.
IO: MR-061-00 (6DO[sim,opt]) 84 Multiple MR RS-485 serial bus.
IO: MR-602-00 (6DO[rel], 2AO[opt]) 120 Multiple MR RS-485 serial bus.
IO: MR-504-00 (5DO[rel], 4AO[opt]) 120 Multiple MR RS-485 serial bus.

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