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Комментарий к Home Page En / Doc / Programm Manual / intro, отправлен Carlat FSJ? в 2012-05-23 18:37:10

Reply on Maxim comments
I will review the formatting manual.
1. Modified.
2. Modified.
3. Modified.
4. Unsure of correct translation; both statements are incorrect in English. The issue of Linux being "free" is mentioned in the previous statement "the system is free" it should not be repeated in the second part. Additionally "While highly skilled user" is an incomplete thought. Can you provide more detail on the meaning of this?
5. Modified.
6. Modified.
7. The whole sentence does not read well in English. Unsure of the original meaning. I will e-mail you my thoughts and maybe you can provide clarification on the intent of this paragraph.
8. Modified.
9. Modified.
10. Working on a rewrite of this paragraph.

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