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Комментарий к Home Page En / Doc / Programm Manual / intro, отправлен Roman Savochenko в 2012-05-26 09:54:31
> At any time you may, and I expect, you to tell me when my choices are incorrect.
> If we all understand that my intent is only to help we should be able to arrived at a more accurate English translation.

OK we understand, but keep in your mind that is big documented system and the detailing takes more time. I hope for further like for the questions will be less.

> I now think that the correct wording of the opening of the Introduction should be "on the principles of modularity, scalability, and multiple platforms." You are creating a list of types of principles so that list must contain nouns and "mutiplatform" is an adjective.
> The use of the term "multiple platforms" separates the adjective "multiple" from the noun "platform" so that the wording becomes correct.

That is correct and we have replace it already to "multiple OS/Hardware integration".

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