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Комментарий к Home Page En / Doc / Programm Manual / part 1, отправлен Carlat FSJ? в 2012-05-25 07:00:49

Regarding Section 1.2 Subsystems -
1. can you explain how the sharing of subsystems work? Do subsystems share modules?
2. Two types of subsystems, modular and usual. Could usual be referred to as non-modular? I ask because if there are usual subsystems one would think there should be unusual subsystems as well.
3. Regarding the number of subsystems. Is 9 the least amount for a base system and more can be added. This would mean that Open SCADA? could contain many more than 9. If this is not true then you can not add new subsystems because 9 is all there is. There are nine listed in the bullets, to restate the question are these all the subsystems (9) or can more be added.
4. The subsystem called "Special" is similar to the one listed in the module list. Could this be referred to as "Specialty"? Specialty meaning custom or, made to order, for a given client or purpose.
5. Transport protocol = Communications Protocol? (RS232, RS485, IP, DH485, etc ....) Given the answer to this how does that affect the list of modules because there are both communication protocols and transport protocols listed?
6. What is the difference between the two subsystems, transport protocols and transport?
7. I would like to refer to "Archives" as "Histories", since this is a typical naming convention.

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